Who does Clinton pray to?

Tue Jun 13 12:51:15 MDT 1995

In-Reply-To:  fpeep AT microsoft.com -- Tue, 13 Jun 1995 10:52:26 PDT
>Sam, I couldn't agree more. I have this overpowering feeling of
>hypocrisy when I see him being "reverent". I have seen him take the
>pulpit at churches on Sunday and turn it into a campaign stop.  I have
>seen him "strolling" through the war dead cemetery in Anzio, Italy on a
>stages photo op, In fact, I have seen so much evidence of being a
>non-believer, that I am continuously amazed why he keeps "preaching".
>It makes me sad, no longer angry. I fear for the world that my
>grandkids are inheriting.
>Frank Peep - granddad to 4.3 beaufitul little people.
>(... 24 lines deleted)
Take heart Frank. Remember last November went a long way to moving things
back to the right. It is only a start and there is more work to be done
but the '96 election is not far away and we can clean things up more if
we can get the truth out.
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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