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Tue Jun 13 13:03:58 MDT 1995

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>In response to Dennis Putnam:
>Do me a favor. GO a find a "gung-ho liberal", several of them if necessary and
>ask her/him what she/he would do in such a scenario. IMO that is a low blow and
>hardly true.
As I have posted earlier, this has reportedly already happened on the left
>Take this:
>I supoose some gung-ho conservative trying to put Religion into public life
>could look at someone not participating in prayer and conclude that person was
>a non believer and thus act. After all with Phil Gramm (Sp?) as an example to
>(... 8 lines deleted)
A good Christian would be compelled to act (albeit not in an official
capacity as an educator but privately person to person). It is God's
command that all Christians go into the world and bring the word of God
to everyone. However, and this is the difference between conservative t
and liberal orthodxy, a conservative would do it by persuasion not by
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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