Who does Clinton pray to?

Tue Jun 13 13:11:05 MDT 1995

In respone to Frank Peep:
You're sad because Clinton is acting like any other President would. Puhlease.
There are a plethora of more serious reasons to be DEPRESSED not sad about the
world our kids our inheriting.
Clinton attended church long before he entered politics. But I understand those
who oppose him wouldn't want to consider that. Just use it as an opportunity
excuse to criticize. I suppose if he never wen to church, that would be
Frank Peep writes:
>Sam, I couldn't agree more. I have this overpowering feeling of
>hypocrisy when I see him being "reverent". I have seen him take the
>pulpit at churches on Sunday and turn it into a campaign stop.  I have
>seen him "strolling" through the war dead cemetery in Anzio, Italy on a
>stages photo op, In fact, I have seen so much evidence of being a
>non-believer, that I am continuously amazed why he keeps "preaching".
>It makes me sad, no longer angry. I fear for the world that my
>grandkids are inheriting.
>Frank Peep - granddad to 4.3 beaufitul little people.

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