Who does Clinton pray to?

Tue Jun 13 15:18:28 MDT 1995

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>In response to Sam Teel:
>What? Are you serious? Because the man has differnt views than you or, may
>interpret the Bible or the constitution differently that is cause to wonder
>what God he's praying to. Re f'n diculous.
>Perhaps you took Cindy's post too seriously and got too much sun. I understand
>that you may not like the man but what you're suggesting is out of line. What
>God do you suppose he's praying to?
>BTW: I think it's only out respect that we spell our presidents name correctly.
>Anyone who voluntarily subjects themselves to a position like that for the
>purposes of doing what they believe is best for the country, whether you agree
>with their method or not, deserves some respect. So, I appreciate the correct
>spelling of my presidents name. I'd say this even if it was Dan Quayle.
>Sam Teel writes:
>(... 6 lines deleted)
Although I usually spell Clinton's name correctly (typos excluded) respect
is something that has to be earned. One does not get respect simply by
virtue of one's office. I've said it before, Clinton is a liar and will
get no respect from me. However, to clarify, I respect the office but not
the man occupying it.
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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