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Tue Jun 13 16:11:02 MDT 1995

To Katy K. in response to Dennis Putnam:
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>speech) having the predictable 'chilling effect.' Those in charge will
>never allow people to become informed about what the SC really said
>about prayer in school, if they can help it.
How do you feel about this Katy Knudson?
I would agree with Dennis on this point.  The ACLU scares school
districts into submission with threats of lawsuits, and schools are
brought meekly into  line.   There is some turnaround occurring,
however.  Groups such as Christian Educators Association are educating
teachers about their legal rights in schools.  It is amazing how fear
has chilled everyone.   Teachers have been censoring themselves in
deference to laws and regulations that do not exist, which I am sure
delights the left.  However, organizations such as the Rutherford
Institute and  the ACLJ  are helping to educate schools about the real
guidelines they must follow, as well as providing legal support for
victims of overzealous separators of church and state.  A high school
girl was arrested a few years ago for meeting with friends to pray by the
school flagpole before school started for the day.  The principal came out
and told her to disband the group, and when she refused, he had her arrested.
She of course was vindicated, and now Christian high school  students across
the country meet once a year at their flagpoles to pray and remember
the incident.
    In a somewhat related matter, a small group of teachers just had a large
victory against the Washington Education Association, the state division of the
teacher's union, National Education Association.  Since all teachers are
required to join the union to be employed in Washington state, some are
forced to contribute dues to an organization which uses a large portion  of
the money to fund political causes to which we are opposed. We challenged the
amount of dues, and after several months, they settled out of court and
agreed to reduce our dues by 50%.  I joined this suit because the NEA
once sent me a card telling me how to vote.  Not their endorsements or
suggestions, but a list of candidates (all Democratic) and initiatives to
vote for.  I don't get mad easily, but that did the trick.  Anyway,
hopefully this action will cause the NEA to start cleaning up its act,
and stick to education.
*an endangered specie, a conservative public school teacher*

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