Cabin Fever?

Ron Koms rkoms at USAOR.NET
Tue Jun 13 18:26:44 MDT 1995

>couldn't help but wonder if 'cabin fever' has crept in here.  Bruce and
>Dennis were bouncing back and forth on the Dole issue and no one else seemed
>to jump in w/comments for a time then Paul decided to share his thoughts.
>Forgive me if I'm wrong here but I was always under the impression that
>"anyone" could jump in on a discussion.  Bruce and Dennis, I've always
>enjoyed your posts (perhaps not always agreed but nevertheless ...) but you
>seem a bit touchy and possessive of your most recent interactions.   Even if
>you don't agree w/Paul's comments, I personally don't think he deserves the
>backhanded-slap-out-of-the-way manner in which you've reacted to his posts.
>I may not agree w/all Paul is saying either but I do support his right to
>participate in any post that is openly posted on this forum.  Get a grip
>guys!  Summer is here; get out of cyberspace and into the sunshine for a bit
>to clear the cobwebs.  Come back w/a fresh approach.  We need clear thinkers
>here.  Go play some soccer or something.  I've said my peace and if you want
>me, or anyone else, out of your conversation, don't post to rushtalk until
>you're willing to share.  Cindy B.
Well put Cindy!
I Finally got my "E-mail message program" working and started checking out
RUSHTALK and wow...
Anyway, glad to be back, now all I got to do is find some time to post.
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