Cabin Fever?

Bruce Norbeck MadTom at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Jun 13 20:19:40 MDT 1995

        Cindy Brewbaker, & others:
>Bruce and Dennis, I've always enjoyed your posts (perhaps not always
>agreed but nevertheless ...) but you seem a bit touchy and possessive
>of your most recent interactions.
        That was me, & me alone, Cindy -- unless I missed a post or two,
I was the only one that got angry at Paul.
>Even if you don't agree w/Paul's comments, I personally don't think he
>deserves the backhanded-slap-out-of-the-way manner in which you've re-
>acted to his posts.
        My anger wasn't so much directed at Paul's comments, as at the
way he made them.
        I will freely admit that I over-reacted in blasting him. That's
the way I am; I tend to shoot first & ask questions later. However, that
is my nature; it's not, as Dennis postulated, the pressures of my new
job getting to me. Actually, the new job is going fabulously well -- to
the extent that the Bill-thing really bent my hide tonight during his
address to the nation, when he said that people without higher education
can't make it in this country. He implied, by saying so, that people
like me are losers. Well, he can come out to ETAK; I'll be happy to show
him just what a loser I am.
        But I digress. I apologize to anyone who was offended by my com-
ments. That even includes Paul Keating, BTW; I've no interest in carry-
ing a grudge. I will try to be a little more restrained in future.....
>I've said my peace and if you want me, or anyone else, out of your con-
>versation, don't post to rushtalk until you're willing to share.
        I've no interest in telling anyone to stay out of the conver-
sation. I simply would prefer that they have something substantial to
share, if they're going to join in.
        However, Cindy, I am thankful that you decided to be "Mom" &
tell us boys to be nice to each other, or else go outside to play... :)
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