Cabin Fever?

Edwin G. Jones edjones at CALLAMER.COM
Tue Jun 13 21:25:47 MDT 1995

Bruce sez:
>is my nature; it's not, as Dennis postulated, the pressures of my new
>job getting to me. Actually, the new job is going fabulously well -- to
>the extent that the Bill-thing really bent my hide tonight during his
>address to the nation, when he said that people without higher education
>can't make it in this country. He implied, by saying so, that people
>like me are losers. Well, he can come out to ETAK; I'll be happy to show
>him just what a loser I am.
That's not all he said!!! If he has decreased the deficit by one-third in
the past year, why is it going to take him 10 years to cut the other 2/3?
And if you run the numbers, you'll find that the lion's share of the deficit
reduction occurs in year 10!
This speech tonight had to be the biggest joke of 1995: promise everybody
everything (except for the "RICH"), cut everybody's taxes (except for the
"RICH"), and cut the deficit at the same time. Once again Mr. Slickster
(sorry, Miles, but I couldn't help myself) has just demonstrated that he is
not very well acquainted with the truth.

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