Non College Grads Can't Make It

Tue Jun 13 23:04:26 MDT 1995

To Bruce and others:
Glad your job is going so well. Perhaps this college grad will be in a position
like yours someday.
As far as what Clinton said, he's not exactly wrong. I'm surprised that you
took that comment so literally. I'm sure he was only suggesting that without a
college degree it is much more difficult, which it is. I sure that he is
intellegent enough that there have been and will be those without degrees who
will succeed. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult as we all know.
Bruce states:
<lines deleted>
>job getting to me. Actually, the new job is going fabulously well -- to
>the extent that the Bill-thing really bent my hide tonight during his
>address to the nation, when he said that people without higher education
>can't make it in this country. He implied, by saying so, that people
>like me are losers. Well, he can come out to ETAK; I'll be happy to show
>him just what a loser I am.
>        But I digress. I apologize to anyone who was offended by my com-
>ments. That even includes Paul Keating, BTW; I've no interest in carry-
>ing a grudge. I will try to be a little more restrained in future.....
<lines deleted.

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