Non College Grads Can't Make It

Bruce Norbeck MadTom at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Jun 14 00:30:50 MDT 1995

        Miles, & others:
>Glad your job is going so well.
        Thank you, sir.
>As far as what Clinton said, he's not exactly wrong. I'm sure he was
>only suggesting that without a college degree it is much more diffi-
>cult, which it is.
        Clinton is more than smart enough to know the difference be-
tween saying that "those without a higher education can't make it", &
"those without a higher education are at a disadvantage". If he didn't
know the difference, then this countries in worse trouble than I'd have
        He can suggest all he wants. He ought to try saying what he ac-
tually means, rather than leaving it to the rest of us to figure it out.
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