Paul Weyrich... Question!

Wed Jun 14 08:16:42 MDT 1995

In response to Dennis Putnam:
Dense? That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Thanks.
I'm going to forward what you've written to some less extreme aquaintances of
mine. I'm sure they'll get a kick out of right wing extremist rhetoric. IMO
this is absolutely absurd.
If I had the time, I'm sure that I could research plenty of laws that were
passed to further a Christian agenda either in this country, Europe or the
Middle East.
Further more, "persuasion with the force of law" has been and will be the
mentality of many, be they liberal, conservative etc. Are you implying that no
more laws should be passed by either side of the isle? We should just ask
people nicely to do what we think is right. I'm sure you're not but that's what
your comment seems to imply.
In the case where kids were not allowed to pray by themselves on school grounds
is a most unfortunate incident indeed. I was not aware (thanks for letting me
know) that my belief that anyone should be able to pray whenever they wish is
not, as you claim, a liberal mentality. I do believe that there is a difference
between mainstream liberal views on this issue and the views of liberals
active in political decision making.
If there are liberals who don't want any prayer on school grounds should be
less paranoid about the Christian conservatives alleged intention of bringing
organized religion into the school systems.
But, let's all make sure that kids keep their right to pray and that the
separation of church and state remaind in effect. Agreed?
Dennis Putnam flatly states:
>I don't know if I'm a poor communicator or if you are dense. This is a
>non-sequitor. I said a Christian will try to persuade WITHOUT the force
>of law. Whether one can be 'PERSUADED by LAW' is irrelevent. It is the
>liberal mentality that wants to persuade with force of law.
>Dennis Putnam
>Huntsville, AL

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