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Wed Jun 14 09:27:52 MDT 1995

To Bruce & Others:
I didn't phrase that properly. What I meant was I didn't see the difference
between beign persuaded versus comlying to a law. In other words, persuasion
and law can have an intersection. Some laws do persuade, some don't.
I find it hard to believe that Christians would prefer to rule with persuassion
and not by law. No one would have a reason not to oppose the persuasion except
for his/her own conscience. With law, there is usually some punishment for
breaking it, which may more greatly persuade would-be law breakers not to.
If what he says is true, then a Christian rule by mere persuasion would lead
to anarchy.
BTW: Aren't you [Bruce] concerned about what your employer thinks about your
use of da kind?
Bruce Norbeck writes between da...'at' signs:
        Miles, & others:
>Please clear this up for me. I'm having a problem understanding how one
>could not be PERSUADED by LAW.
        It's rather simple, Miles. If I believe a law to be wrong, I'm
not at all going to be persuaded by it. For example, I don't believe the
the government has any right to keep me from owning a semi- -- or even
fully -- automatic weapon. The fact that their ban is ensconced in law
matters not a whit to me.
        Likewise my pot-smoking. I don't care at all that it's illegal;
it's my body, & I'll do what I want with it, so long as I don't hurt
anyone else.
        Likewise abortion. It's legal, but that fact of law doesn't make
it right.
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