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Wed Jun 14 09:37:48 MDT 1995

Great post, Anthony. I am a great lover of cynicysm at times.
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>Subject: Sincerity?
>Date: Wednesday, June 14, 1995 1:12AM
> Bruce digressed:
>> to
>>the extent that the Bill-thing really bent my hide tonight during his
>>address to the nation, when he said that people without higher education
>>can't make it in this country. He implied, by saying so, that people
>>like me are losers. Well, he can come out to ETAK; I'll be happy to show
>>him just what a loser I am.
>& Mr. Jones retorted:
>That's not all he said!!! If he has decreased the deficit by one-third in
>the past year, why is it going to take him 10 years to cut the other 2/3?
>And if you run the numbers, you'll find that the lion's share of the deficit
>reduction occurs in year 10!
>This speech tonight had to be the biggest joke of 1995: promise everybody
>everything (except for the "RICH"), cut everybody's taxes (except for the
>"RICH"), and cut the deficit at the same time. Once again Mr. Slickster
>(sorry, Miles, but I couldn't help myself) has just demonstrated that he is
>not very well acquainted with the truth.
>While I agree with what you both say, I must welcome Mr. Clinton to the fold.
> I'm so glad that spending a little time with Newt on stage has helped him
>see the light.  Of course, I guess that Mr. Reich didn't understand what the
>President wanted he said that the President was not interested in balancing
>the budget.
>And I guess when the President said it could be done it 7 years, then said it
>could be done in less than ten years, he understood it then.
>And I guess when the President submitted his multi-billion dollar deficit
>budget proposal, he was interested in balancing the budget.
>And I guess when the President lobbied against Penney's bill to cut the
>budget, he was interested in balancing the budget.
>And I guess that when the President vetoed the bipartisan budget with
>significant progress to budget reduction, he was for a balanced budget.
>And when the President fought the BBA, he was interested in balancing the
>Cynical?  YES.  I wish I could believe the man is sincerely interested in
>balancing the budget, but I can't help but believe he is only interested in
>saying what he thinks we want to hear to get re-elected.

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