Who does Clinton pray to?

Wed Jun 14 09:50:59 MDT 1995

Cindy Writes:
>does not indicate that I think of myself as any better Christian than anyone
>else.  I am not!  I am just as vulnerable to temptation and sin as any other
>human.  It is just as difficult for me to admit to sin as it is anyone else.
I believe that vulnerability to temptation can be quantified in some manner,
perhaps statistics for individuals depending on the circumstance.
   If you are poor or hungry, you's be more vulnerable to steal.
   If you are a male between the ages of 16 and 24 you'd be more vulnerable to
sexual desires.
   If you're depressed you may be more vulnerable to take drugs.
   If you have unfit parents you may be more vulnerable to joing a gang or end
up in jail.
My only beef is that some people would prefer to think that whose who are
tempted, are not as 'good' as those who aren't. They fail to see how certain
circumstances factor into the vulnerability to temptation equation. This was
the impression I was getting from some (no names) on this list.
I bet that _od has a methods for taking these factors into acount when deciding
our after life fate. Perhaps some sort of weighted nueral network which
balances out the intensities and quantities of temptations, or perhaps coersions
in the case of war, allowing what truly lies on the heart to be revealed.

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