Who does Clinton pray to?

Wed Jun 14 12:03:17 MDT 1995

In response to Jim:
Well then Jim, this is where I disagree with how the Bible is interpreted. If
the Bible was to state that there are different levels of sin, then 'we' being
humans would probably commit sins of the lesser degree more frequently. By
saying that all sin is sin doesn't give us the motivation to choose which sins
we commit. I'd say whoever wrote that was knowledgeable about human behaviour.
This is also why I agree that society shouln't make excuses for people who
commit sin. Human behaviour would lead us to believe that we are exempt from
sin given a 'reasonable excuse'. That wouldn't be good.
Personally, I didn't choose to be born by my parents. Parents who had an
extremely large input to my upbringing. I was given much love and attention, I
was not abused, my father supported us, I was raised in wonderfull communities
etc. Lack of the above has been proven to be a large factor in criminal or
sinfull behaviour. I realize that it could have happened that my father was
in the state penetentiary and my mother was a crack addicted prostitute who
never gave me TLC (an extreme case for the sake of argument). Chances for
being tempted by evil would have, beyond the shadow of a doubt, been much
I'm certain whether you agree or not that the eternal powers that be are aware
of this just as I am and judge accordingly.
Consider this. Suppose you were given the choice of being born into a family
that would:
        A. Provide you with type of invironment necessary for proper child
development hence less chance of ending up in jail by commiting a sin, or
        B. Choose the be brought up in the type of environment where tempations
of evil and chances of commiting sin are much greater.
But we don't have those choices do we? _od knows this as well. Perhaps it is as
much of a sin to turn our backs on our brothers and sisters who need spiritual
guidance as it is to steal, rape or murder.
Jim V. Hall of jim.hall at NEXUS.MWSU.EDU flatly states:
All people are tempted Miles.  No one person who is tempted is any better
or worse than anyone else.  Where the demarcation point lies is in whether
or not a person succumbs to temptations.   Whether you like it or not Miles
"all unrghiteousness is sin" is stated in the N.T. and there are no levels
of sin.
Sin is sin.  Big or small to us does not matter, they are all sin to God.
the absence of the underscore?
>I bet that _od has a methods for taking these factors into acount when deciding
>our after life fate. Perhaps some sort of weighted nueral network which
>balances out the intensities and quantities of temptations, or perhaps
>in the case of war, allowing what truly lies on the heart to be revealed.
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