Paul Weyrich... Question!

Jim V. Hall jim.hall at NEXUS.MWSU.EDU
Wed Jun 14 18:57:28 MDT 1995

>I simply don't believe that the almighty can be so black and white on his
>judgement of sin given the effects of environment on human behaviour. If you
>believe that the almighty does not aknowledge these invironmental effects and
>that sin is a black and white issue then this is where we disagree.
Try reading that bible Miles.
>The Bible also says that whoever believes in _esus Christ as their saviour
>shalt not parish but have ever lasting life. Some interpret this as meaning, if
>you don't believe in _esus, you'll not go to heaven. This implies perfectly
>nice people of other relgions don't go to heaven. I really don't believe in
>this interpretation of the Bible either.
Miles it sounds like you have no hope.  I really do feel sad for you.
>I cannot offer any evidence or proof to uphold my view. To me it's just
>unthinkable that the almight would be so inconsiderate. However I do appreciate
>your black and white theory on sin.

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