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>Frank Peep states:
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>Perhaps one day the voters of this nation wouldn't let politicians get away
>with it any longer it wouldn't happen. It takes two to tango.
>Additionally, it's unfortunate that being able to discern between:
>        a. an honest effort to promote beliefs, and
>        b. political pandering.
>I for one cannot tell the difference at all and challenge anyone to prove
>either case.  Any time a politician is up for reelection and forms a political
>agenda, there will always be those, especially opponents, who say that
>reelection was the only true objective. Not to say that it doesn't happen, but
>who can really truly tell.
>If Clinton or Gingrich (sp?) came up with the best and greatest of plans ever
>seen before in history the other would surely find reason for criticism.
>Criticism is not a bad thing. However it can also be used in gaining political
>capital. Perhaps Dole thinks that some of Clinton's ideas are good. But, he'd
>never say it. That would be political suicide. Dole could, perhaps, influence
>the voters into believing that Clinton's plans are worse than he [Dole]
>actually thinks they are. These things do happen.
>This is one voter who refuses to be taken by the political pandering or
>criticising used in acquiring votes. The budget is just another political
>football and it's a darn shame the we the voters are the ones who suffer in the
One can tell by a politican's record. Clinton has been disingenuious from
the get-go. He has proven by his past behavior that what he says has no
meaning. He beleives what he says at the time he says it without regard
to what he said in the past. He will mean what he says until the next time
he says something different. A politician that consistantly stands behind
an issue has a much higher probability of continuing to support that postion
in spite of opposition. That is how one can tell the difference between
politican pandering and a politician that is promoting real beliefs.
Fortunately, more and more of the electorate is recognizing this and was
able to start turning this country back in the right directio last November.
The hope of many on this list is to teach you to recognize the difference
as well. Obviously, since politicians are human, they will all violate
their beliefs for political gain at one time or another. However the
informed will be able to pick the candidates that are least likely to stray.
That is why most on this list dis-like Clinton so much and Dole to a
lesser extent (although he is better then Clinton) and why Gramm is fairly
well liked.
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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