Ms. Feinstein

Thu Jun 15 10:27:38 MDT 1995

I just heard Feinstein ask one of the Militia representatives about the alleged
racist elements of the Militia. She's either been watching too much television
or wanted to give them a chance to defend themselves against these charges.
I thought that it was obvious that the Militia is not a racist or anti-semitic
related movement at all. Guess not.
I am however bothered by the fact that this nation seems to be confused about
the objectives of the militias vs. the extremist views of certain individuals
who wish to 'ride the coat tails' of the militia and gain some attention from
all of the hooplah.
There was one member who alledged that there is a device used by either our
gov't or the world gov't made to control tornados in the midwest and other
weather patterns of our glode.
What I've heard so far is very healthy discussions that I hope will result in
better understanding of the Militia's intent.

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