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Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Thu Jun 15 11:13:45 MDT 1995

Miles responds to Cindy
Cindy sezz:  I don't believe I said sin was black and white, Miles. I said
God wrote a few simple common sense rules to live by.  I also never said nor
implied that God does not forgive if his Commandments are broken.  He (God)
knows if a person is truly sorry for their sin(s) and that, Miles, is what
He judges.  There are few things in this world that are  just black and
white and I do believe I've made that very clear in my past writings.  But,
sin is also just that, a wrong doing but that does not infer that God does
not forgive those sins.  That is why Jesus came to be.
>I simply don't believe that the almighty can be so black and white on his
>judgement of sin given the effects of environment on human behaviour. If you
>believe that the almighty does not aknowledge these invironmental effects and
>that sin is a black and white issue then this is where we disagree.
I do not pretend to know how God feels abt. other religions and I don't know
how I feel abt. them either (those religions that believe in another being
aside from my God).  I certainly would never say that Muslim persons or that
Jewish (they believe in my God just that Jesus has not come yet) persons
will go to hell because they don't believe in our same God.  Maybe it is the
same God but just interpreted and worshiped differently.  I don't know Miles
and I never said I did.
>The Bible also says that whoever believes in _esus Christ as their saviour
>shalt not parish but have ever lasting life. Some interpret this as meaning, if
>you don't believe in _esus, you'll not go to heaven. This implies perfectly
>nice people of other relgions don't go to heaven.
Don't do me any favors Miles.  I can live without it.  And stop interpreting
my writings in the manner that YOU think cuz it's pretty obvious that you
and I, Miles, do not think alike.  You spend far too much time
psycoanalyzing what people are thinking and trying to rewrite their words
into your interpretation.  There are very few people in this entire world
who bring out some of the worst in me and Miles you are one of them.  I
don't like it when I let someone get to me like I've let you and that's
probably what you thrive on so if I've pleased you w/my disgust of you then
I hope this makes you very happy.  So get off my case Mr. Jerk!
>I do appreciate
>your black and white theory on sin.
>Cindy Brewbaker explains:
>Miles (pause), you never cease to amaze me w/your logic (or whatever).  My
>understanding of Christian behavior is based on Jesus actions while here on
>earth.  I believe he was a gentle and kind soul who utilized his God given
>powers to "persuade" mortals to believe in Him and God the Father.  God sent
>down 'laws' which are very basic (thou shalt not cheat, steel, lie, murder,
>etc.) and do not require addendums from mere humans.  Another thing,
>Christians do not "rule."  A Christian is, IMO, supposed to help guide and
>teach the Word of God but not rule over w/the threat of punishment from a
>gov't.  To me the thought of possibly going to hell is enough to deter me
>from committing such terrible crime(s) that would warrant going to hell
>after I die.  Besides, I have this thing called a concience that no law can
>come close to being as strong an influence.  I realize that many people do
>not listen to their concience as I do and they do require human laws to
>guide or at least inform them that their behavior is not acceptable in
>society, but to supplement God's laws w/human laws, IMO,  is unthinkable.
>If I am misunderstanding what you're saying here, please enlighten me.
>Cindy B.
>Miles sezzz:
>>I find it hard to believe that Christians would prefer to rule with
>>and not by law. No one would have a reason not to oppose the persuasion except
>>for his/her own conscience. With law, there is usually some punishment for
>>breaking it, which may more greatly persuade would-be law breakers not to.
>>If what he says is true, then a Christian rule by mere persuasion would lead
>>to anarchy.

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