Who does Clinton pray to?

Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Thu Jun 15 11:25:31 MDT 1995

Actually Robert, I was not referring specifically to Clinton but to any
human.  I probably should have stated that more clearly.
Robert writes:
>In response to Cindy:
>>It is He who we all will face in our final moment upon this
>>earth and His judgement of ones destination will be only between God
>>that individual.  I believe it is God's way of protecting us from
>>world humiliation for our epitaph as well as reiterating His promise
>that He
>>is our final judge/savior.
This is a good point Robert and I appreciate you're bringing it up.  I have
never cared what Clinton's religious preferences are and have been more
concerned abt. what he does that affects the people of this nation.  God and
Clinton will take care of the religious part.
>I really could care less what Clinton's religious preferences are and I
>can find MANY other reasons to dislike and oppose him other than his
>religious inconsistencies.  The fact (or non-fact, depending on your
>views) that Clinton will have to answer for his actions (or
>non-actions) with God when he dies is really of no concern to me.  What
>IS of concern to me is what he is doing NOW that affects ME.  Anything
>else is really none of anyone's business.
Probably so.
>I think the President was a little uncomfortable with the military
>aspects and loyalty references of Mr. O'Grady's speech, rather than on
>the references to God...
No, you did not (I don't think anyway).  Please note that I was referring to
all persons in general when I spoke of God and sins, etc.
>P.S. CIndy, I don't mean to take anything out of context (if that's
>what I did).  I'm just stating my opinion on this issue.
>Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
> San Francisco, CA
>RAOstrea at ix.netcom.com
>(Yes, I'm back in SF!)
Cindy B.

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