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Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Thu Jun 15 11:38:46 MDT 1995

Miles responds to Cindy:
>I simply don't believe that the almighty can be so black and white on his
>>judgement of sin given the effects of environment on human behaviour. If you
>>believe that the almighty does not aknowledge these invironmental effects and
>>that sin is a black and white issue then this is where we disagree.
annot offer any evidence or proof to uphold my view. To me it's just
>>unthinkable that the almight would be so inconsiderate. However I do
>>your black and white theory on sin.
>>Cindy Brewbaker explains:
>>Miles (pause), you never cease to amaze me w/your logic (or whatever).  My
>>understanding of Christian behavior is based on Jesus actions while here on
>>earth.  I believe he was a gentle and kind soul who utilized his God given
>>powers to "persuade" mortals to believe in Him and God the Father.  God sent
>>down 'laws' which are very basic (thou shalt not cheat, steel, lie, murder,
>>etc.) and do not require addendums from mere humans.  Another thing,
>>Christians do not "rule."  A Christian is, IMO, supposed to help guide and
>>teach the Word of God but not rule over w/the threat of punishment from a
>>gov't. MORE SNIPS
>>Miles sezzz:
>>(... 8 lines deleted)
Thanks Dennis, I appreciate your response and it's a much better
interpretation of what I was trying to say than Miles'.              Cindy B.
>I can't speak for Cindy but you are missing the most important aspect of
>Christianity. Even the most grevious sin will be forgiven if one is
>truly repentent. On the other hand even a minor sin can result in everlasting
>punishment if one is totally unrepentent. That is the promise of the NT and
>the very foundation of Christianity.
>Dennis Putnam
>Huntsville, AL

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