Paul Weyrich... Question!

Jim V. Hall jim.hall at NEXUS.MWSU.EDU
Thu Jun 15 17:30:31 MDT 1995

>>Cindy, I know this debate has gone on for some time and takes its tole on all
>>of us but there is no need for name calling.  We should be able to discuss
>>controversial topics without such activity.
>Everybody blows up at times. Cindy is probably one of the most in-control
>people on this list. But even mom gets mad and yells at her kids occasionally
>but we still love her.
True, she is and we do.  I just want to make sure that we don't start making
the same kind
of personal attacks that we accuse the liberals of.  Hope you took the
comment in the
constructive manner that it was intended Cindy.
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