Paul Weyrich... Question!

Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Thu Jun 15 14:58:57 MDT 1995

OK Miles, I accept your explanation.  Perhaps I did take it too personally.
Yes, you did strike a nerve.  I did NOT intend to sound elitist but if I
did, I will apologize.  I am just as humble as the soil beneath your feet
but it doesn't mean I'll let you or anyone walk all over me.  You will feel
earthquake tremors if that should happen.  Nuff said, I'm outa here.  Have a
nice evening, all.  Cindy B.
PS. A whole bunch snipped from below.
>In response to Cindy B.
>I gues I touched a nerve. Sorry. Didn't mean to at all.
>I was just pointing out where I disagree w/the bible. Exuuuuse me.
>In My Opinion, yes, some interpretation of the bible that I've heard are black
>and white. Is it okay if that's how I percieve it? I wan't necessarily refering
>to you. I just think it's more complicated than that. Geeze.
>Furthermore, yes, I do feel that some people - if you'd like to include
>in that category, don't blame me - feel a sense of superiority from the belief
>that their belief in the Bible and _esus will get them into heaven and other
>nonbelievers and sinners won't. This was the feeling that I got when I posted
>on this subject originally.
>Perhaps I am oversensitive when it comes to elitist rhetoric and for that I
>apologize. I don't think that anyone in particular on this list feels this
>sense of superiority over other sinners, but I can be sometimes over zealous in
>my opposition that type of elitism. I get angry when people think that they're
>better than others. Again, I don't feel that this is necessarily true for
>anyone on this list.
>P.S. I think you [Cindy] took that previous post a bit too personally.

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