Full mailboxes and such...

Mr. Groko nosilla at CHAOS.TAYLORED.COM
Thu Jun 15 19:59:44 MDT 1995

> Andrew:
> Hope the new job, move, etc are going well.
Thanks!  So far, so good.  I really like the area.
> Before you axe me from the list, I'd appreciate knowing if you have
> encountered the problem with my mailbox.  Because, unfortunately, the mail
> handler doesn't tell us when our mailbox is full.
Speaking as a former Systems Administrator, that is inexcusable.
I don't recall ever having problems with your account.
I am going to attempt to automate this - if that is accomplished, I'll
try to set it up so that, after a delay of a week, it will attempt to
contact you and let you know you have been removed from the list.  I'll
need to work on making sure it doesn't loop, etc.  Nothing like a good
challenge, eh?
> Thanks again for your time and effort on all our behalf.
No problem at all.  I'm posting this to the list since it is general
interest to all AOL subscribers.
                           Andrew J. Templin
         Recovering Sysadmin, Rescue Nerd, Confused Programmer (tm)
                       nosilla at chaos.taylored.com

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