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> I just heard Feinstein ask one of the Militia representatives about the
> alleged racist elements of the Militia. She's either been watching too
> much television or wanted to give them a chance to defend themselves
> against these charges.
I vote the former!!!
> I thought that it was obvious that the Militia is not a racist or
> anti-semitic related movement at all. Guess not.
> I am however bothered by the fact that this nation seems to be confused
> about the objectives of the militias vs. the extremist views of certain
> individuals who wish to 'ride the coat tails' of the militia and gain some
> attention from all of the hooplah.
It seems that a number of groups (skinheads, etc) have latched onto the
"militia" name.  These groups have typically had a "military like" wing
to them for a long time.  Of course, that's not *exactly* correct - I'm
certain that not all of them have military wings - please forgive my
> There was one member who alledged that there is a device used by either
> our gov't or the world gov't made to control tornados in the midwest and
> other weather patterns of our glode.
Keep in mind that many in Congress and the major media have a decided
dislike for the militia movement - they will make sure that any
"militia" member they interview has very odd, distorted beliefs.  Any
that do not will not be televised.
To be fair, let me present the other side of the coin.  I've conversed
with some members of the "Ohio Unorganized Militia" - I don't think this
is the only militia group in Ohio - and they seemed to be very
intelligent and concerned individuals.  However, in a local interview on
one of Columbus's network affiliates they had the head of the OUM.  He
was talking about the "one world government" plot, black helicopters,
Now, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt - the interview was
extremely chopped up, and I don't doubt that a little clever editing
couldn't make him look bad.  However, it has become very apparent to me
that, if a militia group going to go on TV, they need a good PR person.
It seems that they have a bad habit of letting the conversation ramble,
and it wouldn't be too hard to present them in the worst possible light.
> What I've heard so far is very healthy discussions that I hope will result
> in better understanding of the Militia's intent.
Do keep in mind that the militia movement is not monolithic - there are
many different militia groups that are independent.  The Militia of
Montana (which I have heard a number of bad things about, none
substantiated yet) and the Michigan Militia are not related in anything
but name and, perhaps, purpose.  Just 'cause one militia group is insane
is not a reason to brand them all.
And, just so this is clear, Miles:  I'm not accusing you of branding
anyone - I'm just stating my mind for those in RUSHTALK.  :)
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