Call em like you see em

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Fri Jun 16 09:54:29 MDT 1995

Jim writes:
>Cindy, I know this debate has gone on for some time and takes its tole on all
>of us but there is no need for name calling.  We should be able to discuss
>controversial topics without such activity.
>Jim Hall
>Network Services Manager
>Midwestern State University
>jim.hall at
>(817) 689-4680
Get real!  Two weeks ago I had a coward and liar call me  a traitor and a
terrorist and TWO people took offence to that.  Some even said "I understand
some of what you mean"  What happened there guys?  A little quaking in your
boots that some crazed cyber-punk was going to visit?  When a person acts
like a jerk, look them straight in the eye and call them a jerk.
I don't think Miles is a jerk, but his response to Cindy was a "jerk" sort of
post.  So what?  I'm not so concerned about how people feel as I am about how
they behave.
Sam Teel
James Reese is still a liar, coward and a JERK!!!!!!

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