Ms. Feinstein

Fri Jun 16 11:20:05 MDT 1995

Mr. Groko responds:
>> I just heard Feinstein ask one of the Militia representatives about the
>> alleged racist elements of the Militia. She's either been watching too
>> much television or wanted to give them a chance to defend themselves
>> against these charges.
>I vote the former!!!
Me too.
>> There was one member who alledged that there is a device used by either
>> our gov't or the world gov't made to control tornados in the midwest and
>> other weather patterns of our glode.
>Keep in mind that many in Congress and the major media have a decided
>dislike for the militia movement - they will make sure that any
>"militia" member they interview has very odd, distorted beliefs.  Any
>that do not will not be televised.
I listened to the majority of the senate hearing on Militias. I heard at least
four members of the militia speak in their behalf. Most of the members seemed
like very rational people except for one - can't remember his name - who was
being very difficult with Mr. Biden. He gave the impression that he was kinda
paranoid about Senators Biden line of questioning which I didn't think had any
accusatory implications.
However, a black militia member from Ohio,Mr. Johnson from Columbus, I thought
was the most eloquent, articulate and thoughtful representative for the
militia. He almost made me want to sign up...sike.
Point being that I'd disagree to the fullest that the members who participated
in the hearing didn't all have "odd, distorted beliefs". Lets see it Mr.
Johnson shows up in the media. I bet he will. I don't think the media is as
leftist as you think (Can we not argue about this though?).
>To be fair, let me present the other side of the coin.  I've conversed
>with some members of the "Ohio Unorganized Militia" - I don't think this
>is the only militia group in Ohio - and they seemed to be very
>intelligent and concerned individuals.  However, in a local interview on
>one of Columbus's network affiliates they had the head of the OUM.  He
>was talking about the "one world government" plot, black helicopters,
I believe it. This was also stated in the hearings. The militia alleged, along
with the weather control theory, that our gov't was preparing for some kind of
martial/marshall (?) law to take effect.  I personally think it's wishfull
thinking. What better way to validate their concerns. Just because the military
has a few Soviet tanks from the Kuwait war, or because military excercises are
excercised, doesn't necessarily mean prep. for marshall law.
Curiously, they claimed to have had documentation to prove these things but
failed to bring it with them. You'd think they'd have the brains to come
prepared for a senate hearing. They also negelected to bring copies that they
claim to have of the letters of congressman  who wrote to Janet Reno asking her
not to 'attack' militia groups.
(...3 lines obliterated...)
> However, it has become very apparent to me
>that, if a militia group going to go on TV, they need a good PR person.
>It seems that they have a bad habit of letting the conversation ramble,
>and it wouldn't be too hard to present them in the worst possible light.
Well, atleast in the hearings, they had all of the time in the world to speak.
A few made themselves look bad. As far as black helecopters etc. are concerned
I don't believe voicing that concern should make anyone look bad. But they
really should have brought the documentation they claimed to have had for there
most outlandish accusations. This is very suspicious.
(...2 lines expunged...)
>The Militia of
>Montana (which I have heard a number of bad things about, none
>substantiated yet) and the Michigan Militia are not related in anything
>but name and, perhaps, purpose.  Just 'cause one militia group is insane
>is not a reason to brand them all.
Exactly, which is why now would be the time for someone to make the unorganized
militia organized. This one give them more valididty and more power to separate
themselves from the cooks.
>And, just so this is clear, Miles:  I'm not accusing you of branding
>anyone - I'm just stating my mind for those in RUSHTALK.  :)
Didn't take it that way at all

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