Feinstein and Immigration

Robert Ostrea raostrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Jun 16 11:27:14 MDT 1995

Hey guys:
What does everyone think about Senator Feinstein's suggestion that we
start scanning eye retinas as a form of citizenship testing?  It seems
that an eye scan is a very reliable indicator of identity and Mrs.
Feinstein would like to see a program that requires every U.S. citizen
and legal resident to register their retinas with the INS.  That way,
whenever any one of us applies for a job, school or welfare benefits,
the government can scan your eye to see if you're here legally!  Isn't
that great!  When cops pull you over for speeding, they can just scan
your eye instead of swiping your driver's license to see if you have
any arrest warrants!  Sounds very convenient!  Hopefully, when I go
grocery shopping and want to write a check, all I'll have to do is scan
my eye at the register and money would be automatically taken from my
account or my check approved!
All this from a woman who opposed Proposition 187 (anti-illegal
immigration bill that passed overwhelmingly by the California voters in
1994) on the basis that individual rights would be infringed upon if
enforced.  Give me a break!  It seems to me that Senator Feinstein is
flip-flopping on so many issues lately.  I guess that election with
Huffington really shook her up!
Any comments?
Robert A. Ostrea, Jr.
 San Francisco, CA
RAOstrea at ix.netcom.com

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