Dole, Weyrich & Other Hypos

Paul Wybrant JulyFour at AOL.COM
Sun Jun 18 22:43:33 MDT 1995

Just got back in town.
I haven't been able to post for a while.  At the risk of boring everyone
with old stuff, I would like to summarize my feelings on Dole,
Weyrich and Hypocrisy.
Bruce feels Dole's Hollywood remark was hypocritical and a useless
gesture.   I consider it hypocritcal But very useful.
Bruce says that the hypocrisy of Weyrich caused him (Bruce) to lose
his original ("modicum of")  respect for Weyrich.  I have LOTS of respect for
Weyrich.  I feel deep gratitude to him for giving us
National Empowerment Television and the space NET provides
to Libertarians, Conservatives, NRA, ACLJ, Cato, etc, etc, etc, etc,
etc, etc.  Weyrich works tirelessly and is providing an invaluable service.
 <Wish I still had access to NET>
I am glad that Dole and Weyrich spoke up.  If only the morally
perfect had vocal cords, I fear that a LOUD silence would fall
across the fruited plain.  This is a predicament for human beings,
isn't it?  Maybe the best we can do is, Stand up, Speak out, Name
hyocrisy wherever we find it,  And be ready to examine our own
hypocrisy when it is pointed out.
Regards, PapaPaul

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