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Mon Jun 19 18:48:19 MDT 1995

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>Miles wrote between the braids:
>< S N I P >
>There are many women in China who have been faced with this
>dilemma. By granting these women assylum, we'd be sending a
> message to other Chinese women that if they want to have another
>child, they're welcome here.
>< S N I P >  Who will provide for these mothers and their children.
>Probably tax dollars. < S N I P > Nor do we need anymore friction
>w/China - most favored trading partner, and rapidly expanding
>marketplace.      Miles
>I originally felt we could not grant asylum because I feared, like you,
>that we would be flooded.  Michael Reagan points out, however,
>that during the 12 years of Reagan / Bush, when asylum was
>available to such women, there were only 200 who took advantage
>of it.  Clinton rescinded the policy when ascended his throne.
>China is concerned about overpopulation.  Regardless of whatever
>public, face-saving protestations they might make, the Chinese
>would be happy to be shed of a mother and child.  Wouldn't they?
>I doubt that granting asylum would have much affect on Sino-
>American relations ????
>Regards, PapaPaul
If I may add, unlike Clinton's sometimes-policy on Hati and Cuba, Chinese
women cannot build a raft out of their wooden shacks and set sail for
the the shores of the USA. Those that do escape have to have money to
get here which means they probably have skills and are unlikely to become
welfare victims like Hatians and Cubans. Not that having skills should be
a prerequisite for getting political asylum because their government wants
to execute their babies. But rather to demonstrate the argument that Chinese
women seeking asylum are likely to join the ranks of welfare is invalid.
This also explains the extremely low number that do get here as PapaPaul
pointed out.
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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