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Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Thu Jun 22 06:41:54 MDT 1995

I heard on Good Morning America (can't stand the people on it but it's on
while readying for work) that it's not looking too good.  They (don't know
who they are) interviewed Leon Panetta (objective source my foot) and
somebody else (don't know who) abt. their interpretation and, of course,
Leon said it was unfair and its the Repubs. and blah blah (you all know his
level of thinking).  The other interviewee  (I don't remember all but here's
the general gist) reminded everyone of past nominations that the Dems
blocked and/or stymied while Bush was in office and that the Repubs behavior
is no different than the Dems.  Grahm promises to filabuster and seems to be
sticking w/it.  Dole, well he's another issue.  I'm appreciative of some of
his efforts but I really don't trust him.  The issue was raised of whether
elected officials really do go to DC w/every intention of following thru
w/promises and doing what's best for constituents or whether they lie to get
elected so they can take their own agenda to DC.  I think a little of both,
or a lot of one and little of the other.
Back to work, stay cool wherever you are, drink lots of water and use your
sunscreen.  Mom says!  Cindy  8 ]
>any news about the surgeon general nominee?
>On my morning radio news show, they were asking people to call
>in and voice their views whether or not congress really represents
>their constituencies or just go to D.C. with their own agenda. They
>were asking the question in the light of the Foster nomination,
>because the radio guy just couldn't believe that the Republicans
>were so against the nomination. He thought they were making too
>big an issue out of the fact that he had committed abortions, since
>abortions are legal...
>Oh well, back to work...
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