Speed Limit And DC

Thu Jun 22 21:05:04 MDT 1995

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>As I understand it they also hold the states hostage on the enforcement
>issue.  From what I've heard the feds do studies to determine the average
>speed on the interstates of the particular state.  If the average is too high
>they come down on the state, the state in turn (to get highway funds),
>increases the number of tickets issued and works to bring down the average.
> It's funny though, in states that have a lot of log jams like california,
>the tie ups bring down their average so they don't ever have to worry about
>the other times of the day's averages.  In my state, we are always having to
>get the cops out their issuing more tickets to bring down the average speed
>because we don't have as many traffic jams.
>Just a bunch of brainless work for some beaurocrat!  This is really good use
>of our tax dollars wouldn't you say?!
Ah, but the original point was that the Republican bill removes the mandated
speed limits and the associated blackmail for hiway funds. With no risk of
loosing hiway funds because buses and trucks (interstate only) are exceeding
the speed limits why should states enforce them?
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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