Welfare State is Bankrupt!

Frank Peep fpeep at MICROSOFT.COM
Mon Jun 26 12:50:00 MDT 1995

There is an article in Forbes or is it Money Magazine of last week that
points out that most of the benefits from AARP can be purchased from
other sources at lower prices. I used to enjoy the benefits of AARP as
well, but I will not - repeat NOT - stay a member when I disapprove of
their political stance. I resigned when they came out in favor of
Klinton's health plan. I demanded a refund of my unused dues and never
received anything from them except a renewal notice.
The supposedly have 33 million members but Sen Simpson might just make
them change their ways what with the AARP hearings going on right now.
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>>I just turned 60, and I would welcome a one time check from the gummit
>>for just my contributions alone with or without interest. Let me go
>>down the road and handle my own life. At least if I loose it, its my
>>fault, no one elses.
>>I cannot abide these "senior" citizens who are beating the drum for the
>>continuation of all of these "benefits" when they are dooming their
>>grandkids to a lifetime expentancy of 82% tax rates. I will not sit by
>>and idly let them do that to my 4.3 grandkids. Better I wrap myself
>>around a pole in my car than see them under such oppressive tax
>>burdens. What can't my peers [60 plus years] see this?
>>(... 22 lines deleted)
>Actually they can. The driving force is the AARP which DOES NOT represent
>its members (it is not a democratic organization). Although I have a ways
>to go yet before achieving 'senior status' (hmmmmm, well not as long as I
>might like to think), my mother and all (I do mean all) her senior friends
>totally disagree with AARP policy as represented by its self appointed
>officers. The only reason they remain members is because some it its
>benefits more than compensates for the dues.
>Dennis Putnam
>Huntsville, AL

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