Welfare State is Bankrupt!

Mon Jun 26 18:37:01 MDT 1995

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>There is an article in Forbes or is it Money Magazine of last week that
>points out that most of the benefits from AARP can be purchased from
>other sources at lower prices. I used to enjoy the benefits of AARP as
>well, but I will not - repeat NOT - stay a member when I disapprove of
>their political stance. I resigned when they came out in favor of
>Klinton's health plan. I demanded a refund of my unused dues and never
>received anything from them except a renewal notice.
>The supposedly have 33 million members but Sen Simpson might just make
>them change their ways what with the AARP hearings going on right now.
>(... 34 lines deleted)
I agree, I just wish I could convince my 80 year young mother to do the same.
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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