Welfare State is Bankrupt!

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Mon Jun 26 22:55:27 MDT 1995

Thank you for your insight.  Nice to have someone aboard with such a
background as yours.
     Those people who have studied the history and general background on
taxation in the U.S., Including FICA, Medicare, etc., will note that the
system was demographically unstable from the start.
     It was ok as a stopgap measure, but over the long haul it was
inevitable that the problems we experience today would crop up.  The bottom
line on this is that we must, eventually get rid of the Social Security
system, as a drain on the productive sectors of the economy.  It should be
replaced, if we replace it with a legally enforced system, with a form of
personal savings where you put your money in for yourself, and then you take
it out later, just like the IRA or 401K plans.
Steve Laib JD MS(tax)
Atty. and Philosopher

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