Speed Limit And DC

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Mon Jun 26 22:55:51 MDT 1995

Tony writes:
Power to regulate interstate commerce.  Highways effect (or affect, I always
mess that up) interstate commerce, thus congress has authority/responsibility
to etc, etc
Sorry this isn't very timely.  I agree that you have put your finger on the
correct legal reason behind it.  But I don't think it holds water.
 Interstate commerce is used extremely liberally (figuratively and literally)
by the feds.  So what if a private car goes 80, has no items for sale, is on
a personal vacation and never goes to another state.  Does that still have to
do with interstate commerce?  Truckers maybe, private cars, no way!
Personally when I go on trips I pull a trailer along and so I don't speed for
fear of losing control of the trailer etc.  But I don't think the feds even
need to worry they ugly little heads about it.  I am confident the states are
capable of setting their own standards.  Of course the liberals think the
states are going to starve the children too, go figure.

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