AARP Hearings

Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Tue Jun 27 07:07:40 MDT 1995

>Frank Wrote:
>The supposedly have 33 million members but Sen Simpson might just make
>them change their ways what with the AARP hearings going on right now.
>Speaking of the hearings does anyone have any info on this.  Haven't heard
>much in my local press.
Thanks for asking Darin.  I'm not familiar with the AARP hearings and would
also be interested in learning more abt. them.
Both of my parents receive SS (my dad donated thruout his wkg. life but mom
stayed home) plus my dad has a pretty darn good retirement.  They are not
struggling by any means.  I don't think they have any thoughts on their
childrens and grandchildrens future when it comes to retirement and SS.
I've pretty much kissed my SS $$$ goodbye; some retiree is living off my
part.  But I agree w/Frank, Darin, etc., I'd rather keep my $$$ and be the
responsible person for investing/losing/saving/etc.  At least I'd have my
choice as to how much I'll get back from it rather than the Guv deciding how
little I'll get back.  As for AARP, I don't know if they belong or not but
maybe it's time I found out!   Cindy B.

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