AARP Hearings

DJ dmccread at MACH1.WLU.CA
Tue Jun 27 08:18:39 MDT 1995

As a Canadian who just turned 50 a short time ago I joined the AARP and
have already gained the cost of membership back in discounts which I
could not get any other way. I have written to them and told them they do
not represent me on their political posturing BUT I have not been
inclined to abandon my membership.
Just to put this in context - I did belong to the American Public Health
Association because I teach Health Economics and have written papers on
health reform (I find the problems with the Canadian system to be lessons
I hope you people learn before you adopt some form of government
interference) and have delivered the paper in Indiana and in Boston, and
APHA has a health economics research section. However, their stance on
abortion, guns, pornography, and other things really disturbed me and I
found them MUCH MUCH worse than AARP - juts AARP is a non-professional
group so is more subject to criticism - the APHA is professional and I
think people are afraid to speak out against professionals. The
membership in the APHA was something like $95 US ($120 Canadian) whereas
the AARP is $8. I get my monies worth from AARP and not APHA, even when
AARP is doing other things with which I do not agree.
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