electric vehicles?

Fri Jun 30 07:53:57 MDT 1995

In response to Larry E. Cunningham-
Relax Larry, no one is going to make anyone buy something they don't want.
Where did you get the idea that the gummint (I like that word) was going to
force anyone buy electric vehicles?
CARB. California Air Resource Board is a good example of a state 's own
initiative to solve a problem. Have they been doing a good job?
Larry E. Cunningham writes between the Miles.
        In 1998 California will mandate that 2% of vehicles offered for sale
here will be "zero emission"vehicles.This percentage will rise over a few
years up to approx 12 to 15 %(don't remember exact number.Someone here may
know,hopefully).The big three automakers are lobbying(sp?)the CARB(Calif Air
Resources Board)to lift that mandate because they do not have the technology
to produce an electric vehicle with sufficent range at a marketable price.
        I hope that the mandate will be lifted.Not only because I feel that
this an area that the market should decide,but I think that the gov't has no
business mandating anything where there is no technology available to meet
that demand.If there is,please enlighten me.Please,no urban legends.
        As I understand ,the present lead/acid batteries and a sodium battery
offer the best combination right now of cost,range and ease of
recharging.However,has anyone considered what an accident would be like in
these vehicles?I would not like to have sulfuric acid flying all over the
passenge compartment of my car.Especially if my kids are in there.Also,does
anyone remember their chemistry classes?What happens when your fire department
shows up at an accident scene where a gas powered and sodium battery vehicle
has crashed?Will they put water on the roadway to wash off the gas/oil?Let's
hope not.What if it's raining?(for rio linda...na+h2o=fire)
        Then let's think about the car dealer who is stuck with purchasing
these cars from the makers and then cannot sell them.He is stuck paying for
them every day they are on his lot.And should he be forced to buy them in the
first place?
        I know this like preaching to the choir,but there may be someone
who thinks they are a good idea here. Please tell me why.
                                      Larry Cunningham
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