electric vehicles?

Fri Jun 30 19:01:25 MDT 1995

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>I think either CARB should either redifine ZEV's (zero emission vehicles)
>or require 2% LEV's (low emmision vehicles) such as natural gas or other
>alternative fuels. Frankly I'm not sure if California's target is for
>LEV's or ZEV's. Anyone? Either way, the air in southern California needs
>serious help.
California is a victim of its own success. It crammed too many people over
a huge area so that to get anywhere one has to drive. Now they have to pay
the price. If CA wants to require electric cars so people have to spend
$20K for a rollerskate that has to be recharged every 200 miles then
the deserve what they get. This will have one of two consequences, either
of which will solve the problem. Everyone that can afford to will move out and
thus reduce traffic, less pollution. Or they will cave in and buy the usless
electric cars anyway. And all for a dubious claim that it will reduce
pollution while dust continues to blow around and volcanoes continue to
pump more pollutants in one belch into the atmosphere than all the cars
in the world can produce in 100 years.
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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