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Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Fri Sep 1 06:34:01 MDT 1995

See below for Cindy's comment!
>Once upon a time Will Sed
>> |I believe that if consumers were rational (and health care were the
>> |only consideration) there would be mass migration. OTOH, if consumers were
>> |completely rational I'd be out of a job, (such as it is).
>Then, On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Paul A. Keating wrote:
>>         That's pretty high-hatted, isn't it--implying that consumers are
>>         irrational?  I think consumers are quite rational, and are satisfied
>>         with what they have (or, at least, are not satisfied by changing to
>>         another system).  Were they not satisfied (or could find satisfaction
>>         elsewhere), they'd change.  If they were not satisfied (or could
>>         find satisfaction elsewhere), and did not act to change, then they
>>         could be alleged irrational.
>First, how could any member of THIS list claim consumers are rational yet
>elect a democratic congress 20 times in a row?
>But seriously folks, if you think any of us (myself included) make consumer
>choices that are always completely rational we can easily test that premise.
>Dr. DJ is NOT allowed to participate since he is familiar with the literature
>from which I will pull my test and looking at the answers is cheating.
Will:  I guess I sorta understand your request for Dr. DJ to not
participate, but I've been "chewing" on all these health care posts and have
appreciated Dr. DJ's input.  He has a perspective which we are fortunate
enough to not have (at least at this point in time).  I, for one, would
appreciate hearing from him even if you don't.  I am putting a lot of
thought into this health care issue and after a bit more research, plan to
reply.   Cindy B.
Y'all have a splendid Labor Holiday!
>PS Paul, I am chewing on your last health care post and hope to reply in a
>few days.--WT

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