Psychiatric Evaluation?????

Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Fri Sep 1 07:22:39 MDT 1995

I believe I pondered the psychiatric evaluation thing long enough (most of
my life) that I'd like to hear some thoughts on the issue.  I truly don't
understand why when someone commits a crime or wrongful act, that the
accused must be "psychiatrically evaluated" (PE).  We have many crimes here
in Lansing, MI but I will refer specifically to our most recent.  A fella
was angry at his X-girlfriend because (so we are told) she dumped him.  He
went to her house apparently looking for her to take out his revenge but
found her 5 yr. old daughter instead.  He stabbed the 5 yr. old several
times w/a hatchet.  Fortunately she was not killed but obviously sustained
injuries requiring many stitches.  Now the court says he is being held over
for arraignment but will undergo PE.
My question is, what must be evaluated?  It's pretty obvious to me that this
guy, and anyone for that matter, who commits any kind of crime is mentally
unstable; they do not play w/a full deck, their marbles are loose, all their
candles are not lite, they have a short circuit, etc..  To my thinking, a
mentally stable person would not commit such crimes.  So, why spend our tax
dollars evaluating these people?  Arraign them and let the jury decide if
they committed the crime or not.  They either did it, or they didn't.
I've also made a statement in the past similar to the following.  Anyone,
ANYONE mind you, who performs an act in a clandestine fashion, is trying to
hide something.  It's something either wrong/against the law, or they are
trying to protect themselves/family from someone/thing.  Most of the time,
it's an act against society/breaking the law.  If the suspected perpetrator
thought for one instant that they were not committing a crime, they would do
it openly, during the daylight, in front of anyone within eye/ear shot; they
would not hide/run from law enforcement officers.  IMO it's pretty straight
forward.  Even if you came from the worst environment possible, or the
richest family that trod the earth, and anywhere in between, if you hide
your actions, you know you're guilty of something/you've done something very
wrong.  It doesn't take PE to figure that out.  So, does anyone out there
have comments concerning this issue?  I'd especially like to hear from Steve
Laib since you are a lawyer/philosopher.  I personally believe it's not only
a waste of our tax dollars (as many things are), it's also not logical to
think there are inexhaustible excuses for committing a crime.  In other
words, I don't accept excuses such as poor environment, no opportunity for a
good education (not in America), abused as a child, etc.  We spend more $$$
catering to and protecting the criminal than we do the innocent victims.
When is this judicial system going to wake up?!!!! and see reality!!!
Thanks for listening.
Cindy B.  (Still hopeful that reality is not beyond our vision)

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