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DJ dmccread at MACH1.WLU.CA
Fri Sep 1 08:34:54 MDT 1995

On Fri, 1 Sep 1995, Cindy Brewbaker wrote:
> See below for Cindy's comment!
> >But seriously folks, if you think any of us (myself included) make consumer
> >choices that are always completely rational we can easily test that premise.
> >Dr. DJ is NOT allowed to participate since he is familiar with the literature
> >from which I will pull my test and looking at the answers is cheating.
> Will:  I guess I sorta understand your request for Dr. DJ to not
> participate, but I've been "chewing" on all these health care posts and have
> appreciated Dr. DJ's input.  He has a perspective which we are fortunate
> enough to not have (at least at this point in time).  I, for one, would
> appreciate hearing from him even if you don't.  I am putting a lot of
> thought into this health care issue and after a bit more research, plan to
> reply.   Cindy B.
> Y'all have a splendid Labor Holiday!
Thanks Cindy - in case anybody thinks the Dr. is medical doctor - it is
not. It is a doctorate in public finance/economics and I teach health
economics. Now, it is not that economists are more rational than others
BUT there is an assumption by economists that people ARE rational. I for
one would be one who rationally would prefer to move the other way - to
the US. One of the cabinet ministers in the Ontario government (the
government retired in 1985) migrated to Florida and found his txes PLUS
insurance for health were less thna his taxes here in Ontario and he has
let people know it too. Since, taxes have risen severely here as compared
to the mininmal rise in the US.
I am not sure how to feel about Will's request that I stay out of the
test - how many people do I represent in a sample? It certainly deos not
make it academically acceptable research to eliminate one person from the
thing. Is that because I was the only person who pointed out Will's
fallacy - yet I understand the feelings Will has about his
mother-in-law's illness.

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