Rational(???) Consumers

Laib, Steve A41 at MDBE.COM
Fri Sep 1 10:04:00 MDT 1995

Will Wrote:
>But you still must hold that those who did vote acted rationally.....
>Or else you are stuck with the worlds largest insanity plea  :)
Actually Will, I don't think that this is so far from the truth in some
respects.  The people who vote do not always look at the
long term results because the situation is too intangible, and
they frequently tend to be distracted by looks and false
promises.  Otherwise why would candidates go to such
great lengths to consult image makers, and why would they
make promises they can't or won't keep.  Heck, even Mr. Bush
ended up doing it.
And then, you have to consider the fact that a lot of people
know more about buying a refrigerator than they do
about running a government.  They don't think of them
in the same terms.  They listen to the promises, and fail
to be the "cynical buyer" because either they have an
ideological position to play, (right or wrong) and they
have not considered what the potential long term
detrimental effects will be.
I think that this topic could go on for quite a piece.
Have you chosen you dissertation topic yet?
This one could do it.
Steve Laib

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