Rational(???) Consumers

Willaim Thurber - PhD Student thurber at FMGMT.MGMT.UTORONTO.CA
Fri Sep 1 20:36:27 MDT 1995

I started this by trying to bust your collective chops about 40 years of
democrats in the house.  We have to be careful about labeling a choice
irrational.  That goes for Sony vs NEC TV's, as well as demo/rep/libertarian
(in case Bruce does decide to run).
Steve, considering your last post you will not be surprised to learn then
that last May(?) when we had a provincial election I went out to do some
exit polling.  Essentially I asked three questions:
1) Which party comes closest to your point of view on the important issues?
2) Which leader would make the best Premier?
3) Which local member would do the best job of representing the riding?
More often than not the replies I got were
1) I don't really know
2) They are all the same.
3) I don't know who they are.
It was really hard for me to say thank you to those people for participating
in my survey.  Reminds me of that definition of stress, "the repression
to choke the living daylights out of somebody who really deserves it"  It
really made me think that sometimes 'mandates are nothing more than fads
of personal popularity +/or political ideals.

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