GOP Promises Revisited

Dennis Putnam putnamd%atlodbs1 at DRAGON.COM
Tue Sep 5 09:09:11 MDT 1995

>       I didn't say anything of the sort. You said that you took broken
> promises into high regard, when you step into the voting booth. I asked
> you what effect the broken promises I cited had, or would have, in your
> voting. In your reply, I find:
I guess I thought you were implying it by the way you worded the statements.
>       You voted for Mr. Bush, a man who broke a direct promise not to
> allow new taxes, & the man who signed the first nation-wide ban on semi-
> automatic firearms. Obviously, his promise not to raise taxes -- not to
> mention his betrayal of gun owners everywhere -- didn't play a big part
> in your decision. You say you held your nose, you say you weren't happy,
> but the bottom line is you voted for the man.
Well, we all make mistakes. In any case, I knew Clinton would have been worse
so it wasn't an endorsement of Bush as much as a defensive vote against
Clinton. Again, 20/20 hindsite, Clinton was the best thing that has happened
for conservatism. He singlehandledly has defeated 40 years of distructive
>       But, of course, since no-one knew about it until late in Mr.
> Reagan's second administration, you didn't have to worry about whether
> or not to vote for him again, after he broke that major promise.
>       I assume you voted for Mr. Bush in '88?
Since I already made one mistake interpreting your implications I will only
respond to this with the question: What are you implying?
Your assumption is correct. Again, what are you implying?
> >I'm not a Calfornian thus Wilson is a non-issue.
>       Ah, but what if he becomes the VP-nominee in a Dole-Wilson tic-
> ket? What then, Dennis?
>       That's my point.
I can't answer because I really don't enough about him. Dole-Wilson? I would
have trouble getting past Dole, let along considering Wilson. If '96 turns
out to be Clinton/Dole it will be a 'hold-your-nose' vote again regardless
of who Dole's running mate is (also assuming no viable 3rd party runner).
There are very few potential candidates that I can think of that would be
worse then Clinton (Hillary comes to mind, but thats it).
>       I understand your point... & you're probably right, too. But I
> think you can understand the serious double-take I did when I read this,
> & the near-spasms of laughter.
>       I guess that, going by your logic, I voted for the right guy in
> '92, after all! :)
That you did, but without realizing the real effect it would have. :)
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