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DATE:  September 6 , 1995
                     DOMENICI + PANETTA = BaU
     There is a news report that Republican Pete Domenici and Clinton
aide Leon Panetta are privately meeting to develop an overall
budget plan.
      If the voters who elected Republicans in '94 to "make a change"
in their government get "that certain feeling" its to be "Business as
Usual" as such political power brokers "wheel and deal," then Dole,
Gramm, etc. can forget '96.
     If anyone doubts that other "wheeling and dealing" is on-going
check the reduction of rather than elimination of such liberal
"pet" operations as the Legal Svcs; NEA; HUD; and the REA.  Then ask
why the FEC is getting 76 new regulations to harass us and why
the Food Stamp Program remains administered by the "Beltway Gang
That Can't Shoot Straight."
     Newt and Bob better re-read the election results of 1994 or
they and the GOP might not like what they read in 1996.
Kenneth E. Wyman
"One must fight if only to have fought according to one's conscience"

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