Womem Scoutmasters.

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Thu Sep 7 06:13:52 MDT 1995

I return after a month of caring for my ill mother and I see you have
returned from your trip.  I didn't really KNOW the below was true but
somehow I just knew it would be.
>Cindy B. (a lady of 45 yrs. who hunts, fishes/baits her own hook/removes her
>own fish/cleans fish, camps/sleeps on a pad on the ground, still climbs
>trees, target shoots and all that fun stuff)  8 )
Let'a all go camping and forget about all this for a few days!
BTW Frank's welcome to come too, our differences will seem small with
500 yards of bad white water in front of us.
Sam Teel

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