Womem Scoutmasters.

Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Thu Sep 7 07:21:22 MDT 1995

SAM!!!!  (BIG SMILE)  8 - ]  I wondered where you were; was hoping you
hadn't left us.
How is your mom?  I hope she is going to be OK at least for the time being
anyway.  :(
I have missed you and find your idea of a camping trip very tempting.  BTW,
my family and I will be in Atlanta, Georgia July '96; a tad closer to FL
than MI; will you be around?  Perhaps you and your family could meet us at
some point?  We bit the bullet again (dollar wise) and sent in our app for
tickets to the olympics.  Our girls are at a good age and w/it being so
geographically close, it'll never be any cheaper.  We are driving down and
camping out at least part of the time and perhaps a hotel part of the time.
Our trip to Sweden and Denmark was both wonderful and stressful.  16 days of
constant attachment to (14) 13 yr. olds can truly test ones sanity.  I was
able to snatch a few hrs. here and there w/out them but for the most part,
they were ALLLLL mine!  Both countries are lovely but I enjoyed Denmark the
most.  It is truly beautiful.  Wish I could have done some countryside
hiking but most of my trekking was city wide.  Copenhagen sure is an
interesting city.  Lots of loose morals in both countries (at least by many
Americans standards).  Nudity and less than conservative apparel are the
norm.  It was quite an education for my daughter.
Now for the soccer part (which is why we went).  In Sweden's Gothia Cup
there were over 1200 teams representing 52 countries; there were 56 teams in
our girls division and our team finished 9th overall (in the world!)  An
outstanding finish that we never expected.  We beat all but one foreign team
and were eased out of the semi-finals by a U.S. team.  Our girls played
comparable to the Europeans which surprised me.  I figured the Euro's would
kick circles around us but not so.  In Denmark's Pondus Cup it was a much
smaller tourney.  There were abt. 15 teams in our age division and our girls
finished 2nd.  They were awarded w/a beautiful 2 ft. trophy, medals, and a
warm-up suit.  We were all very proud of girls but would have been no matter
how they finished.  All in all, I'd go again but next time as a tourist.  It
would be more fun to have some freedom.
Anyway, enough of my life.  How are you? and your family?  I await your
reply whenever you have some time.  You take care dear friend and I'll talk
w/you later.
Cindy  :)
>I return after a month of caring for my ill mother and I see you have
>returned from your trip.  I didn't really KNOW the below was true but
>somehow I just knew it would be.
>>Cindy B. (a lady of 45 yrs. who hunts, fishes/baits her own hook/removes her
>>own fish/cleans fish, camps/sleeps on a pad on the ground, still climbs
>>trees, target shoots and all that fun stuff)  8 )
>Let'a all go camping and forget about all this for a few days!
>BTW Frank's welcome to come too, our differences will seem small with
>500 yards of bad white water in front of us.
>Sam Teel

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