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Cindy Brewbaker 17872clb at MSU.EDU
Thu Sep 7 11:11:10 MDT 1995

Conversation betw. Will and someone else concerning Canada's health care and
U.S. health care systems.  LOTS SNIPPED.....
>>         The payroll tax for medicaid that I pay does not pay for my health
>>         care.  My health care is provided by a system of my own choosing.
>>         That is a choice I am free to make and you are not.
>As previously noted we pay the same health tax, you get nothing and have
>a reason to be proud of that (because it is a sign of success in the US)
>I on the other hand get cradle to grave coverage.  What's not to compare?
I must comment on the above statement (Will's I believe).  I'm not certain I
grasped the "same health tax" statement but the part abt. we "get nothing
and have a reason to be proud" really touched a nerve.  We get lots in
health care, you get whatever your gov't tells your Dr. you can have.  If
your health care system is anything like Denmarks then your extent of
covereage, quality and extent of care are limited.  In the U.S., if a person
is not happy w/the quality/extent of care we are receiving from one Dr., we
simply go to another, and another until we receive the care we want/expect.
Granted it may be overkill medicine but at least we have that choice.  The
U.S. is hypochondriac heaven!  In Denmark, you take what they give you  the
first time.  You are not allowed to demand another Dr.  I don't know how
they handle terminal or life threatening illness so I can't comment on that.
They believe we treat 3 times more than necessary.  I'd like to say more but
I don't know enough abt. Canada's or Denmark's systems to compare w/the U.S.
Personally, I prefer our (U.S.) system.  Either way you pay!  If not out of
pocket to an insurance company/employer, its to the gov't and they negotiate
your care for you.  At least here I have more input.  If our gov't did the
negotiating they sure wouldn't ask for my opinion on my health care plan,
they would look at how much it will cost them and then pay the least which
would  provide the least in care.  I reiterate your question Will; "what's
not to compare?"
I would also reiterate Will's comment that our system also is not perfect
but at least it places a greater emphasis on consumer wants and needs rather
than what the gov't wants.
Cindy B.
>Guilty as charged.  A by-product of my enthusiasm for this system, if it
>were perfect "why would I want to" is valid.  I apologize for a) precluding
>a better system and b) incorrectly assuming our system was perfect.

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